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Keeping You Strong, Independent, And Healthy

At PT of Wimberley, we know that you want to be an independent woman living a strong, active life. To do that, you need to become free from persistent pain, regain strength, and heal properly. You have been told incontinence is simply a part of life, surgery or medication is the only option to help your injury, or that your discomfort is here to stay. Whatever your story is, you have been left feeling like you are at the end of the road with nowhere else to go.

We believe your body was designed to be healthy.

We understand your physical limitations have left you feeling hopeless. We get it. We are women’s health specialists who have helped thousands of women just like you overcome limitations and regain a life of freedom.

Here is how to get started: 1 Schedule an Evaluation. 2 Follow Your Treatment Plan. 3 Overcome Your Limitations.

So, schedule your evaluation today! And join the thousands of women who have overcome their hardships and are living strong, healthy, independent lives.

You Deserve To Live An Empowered Life

Are you ready to live life free from unwanted discomfort?
Does the thought of taking medication or having surgery scare you?
Do you suffer from pain during sex?
Are you struggling to regain independence after pregnancy?
Are you frustrated or embarrassed because of incontinence?
Do you want to live an active life without physical limitations?

We'll Do Whatever It Takes To Get You Better

Most people don’t realize the physical discomfort they experience can actually be treated and overcome. At PT of Wimberley, we have helped thousands of patients learn how their bodies function and what it takes to get their bodies back on track. So you can stop worrying about your discomfort and live with a renewed sense of relief.

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